Sunday, February 13, 2011

vote or die

hola chicos!
So I'm not sure if everybody noticed, but there's a poll up now on my blog asking for your input. You know, the mark of a democracy is when people participate in elections and I don't see much participation...
Besides, how cool is the technology on this blog anyway? Not only will it count the result of the poll and count the number of followers I have, it tells me how many people view my blog every day. How sweet is that?
The best part though? It tells me from which country people are viewing my colon. So the United States is winning as it should but then out of nowhere, somebody in Sweden viewed my blog. And I was all like, I see you Mikael Blomkvist!
And then I though, wait a minute, Stieg Larsson is RIP what's goin on here?
So then I though maybe it's Freddy Ljungberg but I remembered that nobody likes soccer so that can't be it.
So I returned to the conspiracy theory. Elvis and Tupac, if you're out there, Stay strong my friends. Stay strong!
Over and out, Earthlings, over and out

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