Monday, February 14, 2011

colon cancer

So I've been being pretty lighthearted about this whole blog thing and then on ESPN last night there's a tearjerking segment about this Junior in high school who got colon cancer. He was 16 and the love of his life was football. He died of cancer the same day that his high school played in the state championship game but his dedication to the team inspired many.
And as I'm watching this I feel like a huge asshole. And then my roommate pointed out that asshole is probably a pun in this case. That made me feel worse. But the reason I picked colon as opposed to "liver cleanse" or "medium intestine cleanse" or "total body cleanse" for this blog is because of the masculinity involved with the way men deal with colon cancer.
Even during the video, the reporter made sure to mention that the doctor found the colon cancer accidentally during a procedure for appendicitis. That is, the surgeon went in from above and in front rather than below and behind - heaven forbid the kid should have had a colonoscopy.
But a colonoscopy is...threatening. Even for me. Not just for Yunior or Oscar or the average American male, but for me, a self-professed feminist.
So I wish I could say that drinking maplemonade is a way to avoid a possible colonoscopy in the future and laugh it off, but I can't. I think I've learned something here, but I'll have to let you know in another post when I figure out just what exactly that is.
Over and out, Earthlings, over and out

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