Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day Two

So depending on how you look at it, this isn't really day 2. I.e. I haven't started restoring yet and I'm about to eat a burrito from Chipotle so don't go around internetland thinking that I'm basically cleansing from now until Spring Break.
But! Huge breakthrough: Today I ordered the very special maple syrup that I need. You see, Aunt Jemimah (or whatever other incredibly racist representation of Black women's bodies in relation to America's domestic agricultural production that companies attempt to employ to propagate the ruinous capitalist partnership with racial and gender oppressions) won't cut it for this. Oh no!
I ordered Grade B Maple Syrup which, according to websites with varying levels of repute (this is a blog folks...), is made later in the season and thus has a darker color, stronger flavor, and more importantly, more iron, fiber, niacin (what is niacin??) and all kinds of good stuff like that which can substitute for food over the course of ten to fourteen days.
I ordered from which narrowly beat out and (Gulp!)
Anyway, I had a powwow with my roomies and explained that I was going to do this thang and they both decided I was crazy and went back to making microwave brownies (You tell me).
But, as I logically explained to them, When I got my tattoo, I had to put down a deposit at the tattoo parlor so I wouldn't have wasted the tattooist's time or lose my appointment and all that. And because I really didn't want to lose the deposit, I went through with getting it despite everyone's guffawing and doubting (HATERZZ). (The enormous irony of jews and tattoos is too much for this blog but check out (
And so, since I spent twice as much on this Grade B maple syrup as I did on the deposit for my tattoo, I think I have this in my corner. We shall see!
Over and out, Earthlings, over and out

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