Sunday, January 23, 2011

day iii

Hey there fellow colonators! Just a quick update:
I purchased my organic non-iodized seasalt today at a food co-op. Can we talk about food co-ops? Because let me tell you, this place was straight out of a 1970s Earth-mother-worshiping separatist community.
Now the fact that there are two types of salt was a revelation to me in and of itself (table salt? road salt? rock salt? kosher salt? sea salt? brackish salt?). But there was a whole shelf dedicated to salt. That's right: a shelf. Celtic sea salt, Mediterranean Sea sea salt (yes. it is redundant), New Zealand organic sea salt and, well, you get the picture (They also sell Maple syrup Grade B but not at the amazing prices I found at The shelf above: whey. The shelf below: fair-trade sugar.
Anyway, I am a vegetarian, but when I meet strangers I try to impress on them that I'm not "one of those vegetarians", the ones that join PETA, the ones that disdainfully sniff at people eating meat, the ones who bicycle to the nearest windfarm in order to help harvest an organic batch of turnips that will provide them with their only source of nutrition for the next week. But now I think I've found a much simpler way of distinguishing myself: "I'm not one of those vegetarians that shops at food co-ops".
Over and out, Earthlings, over and out

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